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Ice Now is a reliable and fast ice delivery company in Las Vegas area, focused on restaurants, bars, casinos, special events, construction and much more.

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Construction Ice

Stored at your Job Site or Yard

Throughout the year, work crews need water and ice to stay hydrated through the day. In the summertime, ice is certainly needed to keep worker’s water at ideal drinking temperatures. Ice Now supplies bagged ice and block ice to construction and commercial companies in Las Vegas. If you see a water cooler on the side of a work truck, most likely there is ice in there. Ice block is commonly used to last all day long, although the bagged ice get the water colder faster, the block ice can last longer.

Ice Now has ice merchandisers to place at your construction site or yard, so your workers are able to load up before their shift. Having bagged and block ice stocked at your location saves time and money. Ask Ice Now about their ice box program and how it can help your company

Bagged ice products

Premium Ice and Functional Ice Block

Ice Now offers high quality ice products. Our party ice and block ice is made from the purest water - absolutely no taste. Several bag sizes are available. Ice Now's drivers are food handler certified, all ice products are handled properly from transport to glass.

Ice Now in Las Vegas

Ice Now is your best source for reliable ice delivery in Las Vegas, delivering quality ice cubes and ice blocks. 

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Quality Ice Products 

When you need bagged ice for your business, event or house party, Ice Now is the go-to provider of premium ice in Las Vegas. Our friendly staff will take care of your ice needs. Click here to learn more about our ice products.