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Ice Now is a reliable and fast ice delivery company in Las Vegas area, focused on restaurants, bars, casinos, special events, construction and much more.

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Ice Now was founded in Phoenix, AZ with the focus of providing a high level of customer service and communication to restaurants, bars and construction sites. We have since grown to a full service ice company in Phoenix and an ice distribution company in Las Vegas. Our ice cubes are crystal clear and will enhance your beverage experience.

Our customers in Las Vegas once shared the same concerns as customers did in Phoenix prior to Ice Now's founding. A lack of service in the on-demand ice delivery market negatively affected their businesses and events. Over the past 5 years, Ice Now has changed the way people have thought about their ice needs. Rather than making a convenience store run to load multiple cars full of ice, people can now call Ice Now directly and have ice show up on time at a more affordable price. 

Don't let your business or event hit a snag, contact Ice Now for fast and reliable ice delivery. 

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