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Las Vegas​
Ice Now - Las Vegas Ice Delivery
7350 Eastgate Rd ste 100 Henderson, NV 89011 US
Phone: (702) 448-1235 Website:

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Ice Now is a reliable and fast ice delivery company in Las Vegas area, focused on restaurants, bars, casinos, special events, construction and much more.

Quick ice delivery - Las Vegas

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COnstruction Ice Services

Ice Now is the go-to ice provider for construction projects, general contractors and municipalities. We supply contractors with ice products and ice storage boxes at their corporate office locations and job sites. Ice Now sets up a regular delivery schedule and provides on-demand ice delivery if demand spikes. We pride ourselves on making sure our customers do not have to think about ice, because we have it covered.

Every contractor has a desired type of ice product, depending on crew size, location, duration of shift and use: 

  • 10 lb. bags and 10 lb. block are most popular for a single crew member use.
  • 20 lb. bags are used for crews that have more than one person on a truck for they day and they need the ice to last throughout the day when it is hot. 

Ice Merchandisers

Our ice boxes are available for our customers that will be ordering ice on a regular basis or they are at remote locations. The ice merchandisers range in side but here is a breakdown of how much the ice boxes hold:

Large Double Door Ice Box:

270 x 10# Bags

300 x 10# Block

125 x 20# Bags

60 x 40# Bags

Small Single Door Ice Box:

170 x 10# Bags

180 x 10# Block

60 x 20# Bags

35 x 40# Bags