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Ice Now is a reliable and fast ice delivery company in Las Vegas area, focused on restaurants, bars, casinos, special events, construction and much more.

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Unique Uses for Ice Products

The most well known uses for ice are to cool drinks in a glass or a cooler. However, ice has other uses in commercial industries. Ice Now delivers ice to concrete companies, bakeries, green energy and more.

Concrete Ice

During the hot summer days, construction crews work around the clock. When concrete is being poured, it must remain at a set temperature, sometimes, below 80 degrees. Chillers provide cold water for the ready-mix, however, additional ice is needed to get the temperature even lower.

For concrete pours, Ice Now often times adds 40 pounds per yard, 400 pounds per truck load. Large concrete jobs can require 1,200 yards in a night, which translates into more than a semi-truck load of ice.Ice Now’s service model is setup to handle the larger concrete jobs, often times, we provide labor to assist in the loading of ice.

Ice for Bakeries

Similar to ready-mix concrete, bakeries need ice year round to keep their baked goods at ideal temperatures when producing large batches. High quality ice from Ice Now is put into the batter to keep the temperature regulated. Ice Now’s ice products go through rigorous testing to ensure the ice is absolutely pure so there is nothing that will affect the quality of our customer’s product